Monday, November 1, 2010

Things To Do This Sembreak

I decided to make a new label for my blog. It'll be called "Personal". So this blog won't be just a Writing Blog. From now on, it will also be more personal. Which means I will bore and torture you with the whereabouts of my personal life. I will also post some things that are not really related to writing or just a "li'l tiny bit" related to writing.
Since in my previous post I wrote about a "list" of things to do in my one week vacation, I decided to make an entry about that. Here it is:

Things to do this sembreak:

1.)Draw a self-portrait- Nah, I'm not an artist. I'm not really good in drawing. But hey, it's my time, it's my vacation, it's my own self, so I'll do anything I want. Teehee...

2.)Learn how to sew using a sewing machine- I just love sewing! I'm not good in this, either. And I haven't tried using a sewing machine. But I love redesigning my clothes.

3.)Learn how cook!- Ahaha... I don't think I'm a bad cook. It's just that I don't get to cook in our house because I have lots of older sisters who cook for the whole family. Well, I'm not getting younger so I decided to try this craft NOW.

4.)Compose a song- I love music, but music hates me. Still, I want to try to compose a song. Period.

5.)Write at least 15k words- Whew! I'm not so sure I can achieve this. It's already Tuesday and I haven't written anything!

6.)Update and reorganize my writing blog!- That's what I'm trying to do right NOW!

7.)Write a letter for my 25-year-old SELF... - Ahaha. Don't you guys love receiving letters? Well, I do! Last year, I wrote for my 24-year-old self. 

After one week, let's see how much I can achieve from these goals. I'll post them here. I'm already done with that self-portrait thing. It doesn't look like me though. Haha! 

Sullen Princess (4th Book)

Okay, so I abandoned my blog for months... Sheeesh, how humiliating! 

I went to college (but no, that's not enough reason!) and got a little busy. I even neglected my writing. But two weeks ago, I managed to finish my manuscript (Sweet Princess). I'm still waiting for its feedback.

Since it's our sembreak, I made a list of things that I want to do. One of those is "Update and Reorganize My Blog". So here I am, trying my very best to think of something to write. I realized I haven't posted my fourth book yet. So here it is!


The Sullen Princess. It's the story of Aurielle Torrevilla, sister of Janica from Naughty Princess. I can't count the times I cried over this book. Not because of its drama, but because I had to revise it over and over and over again! It's not even the original plot. I had to make a MAJOR revision and change the entire story. 

So imagine my delight when this book got the "Reader's Choice". The months of agony was totally worth it.