Monday, February 1, 2010

A Place for Writing

Do you have a particular place where you write? Do you sit down in the same desk each day? If you don't, then maybe it's time you do!

Having a place for writing can actually help you write faster. It's almost like a habit. Your brain gets accustomed to that place, so every time you sit down to write, words and ideas can flow out easily.

It doesn't have to be grand or paradise-like. You don't even have to spend big bucks for it. Making it special in your own way is enough. Here's a list of things you can do to make a place where you can do what you love most. Writing!

  • Find a desk. Even an old one will do. If don’t have any desks or tables, you can purchase plastic tables at low prices.
  • Place it in a very comfortable room. Make sure it’s near an electrical outlet so you can plug-in your computer or if the day’s hot, an electric fan. It’s also nice to put the desk beside a window to let the air freshen you. Seeing the world outside can also bring new ideas to your brain!
  • Design it. Go! Let your creative mind work. Put something that inspires you to write. Some people like having papers on their desks. You can arrange some books from authors who inspire you or even books that you wrote.
  •  Put some flowers or pictures. A flower can brighten anyone’s day. But if you don’t like them or you simply don't have flowers, you can put pictures of loved-ones instead. You can choose whatever you want. After all, it’s your own place!
  • The last but absolutely not the least, maintain cleanliness. Did you know that mess is one of the factors of stress? Yes, it is! So, every now and then, keep your writing place in order. Besides, having a comfortable, clean place is good for your health. Haha!


khaye said...

wow, i totally agree with everything you said here... I will do it! Tomorrow na! Hehehe

yasminjoo said...

thanks for agreeing with me, khaye!

Nobe said...

a place for writing while iago is playing on my lap? sooo likot!

yasminjoo said...

I can just imagine!
ilang taon na ba si iago, te?

Jade said...

I really aim to have a place just for me to write, free from distractions. I think that way i will be more productive.

yasminjoo said...

i think every writer longs to have that "my place".

Nobe said...

@yasmin: two years old ya. pero ang kulit-kulit at ang likot2x. ilang yaya na ang nag-alaga sa kanya pero lahat lumayas. hahaha.

kaya ngayon wala kaming choice kung hindi boy ang mag-alaga sa kanya. sinusuntok kasi niya mga yaya niya.

yasminjoo said...

ay ganun?
malilikot na talaga pag ganyang age ate. hehe...
hmmm... ngayon lang ako nakarinig ng lalaki ang magbabantay sa bata! wahaha! kuleet!
ano tawag dun? yayo, or yoyo? LOL

Nobe said...

yayo tawag namin. ok naman sila. ako pa rin nagpapakain at nagpapaligo kay iago. mahirap lang talaga kapag busy.

pero at least ang lalake di niya kayang suntukin. hahha

bedel apostol said...

hi po... ate yasminjoo.. gusto ko pong maging writer tulad niu

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