Friday, January 29, 2010

Interview with Mariane Reign

 Mariane Reign was only fifteen when her first book got out to the market (probably making her the youngest tagalog romance writer!). Her debut novel, "Grow Old With You" was immediately followed by "Race Me To Your Heart". This talented young writer will be graduating from high school this March.

1.)You're already a writer at age fifteen. How do you feel about that?
-Somehow, I feel delighted and very much thankful. For me it's one of the greatest achievement I've ever had. I consider it a miracle already Smile Though there are times I feel insecure with other writers. Is it normal? Oh yeah. I'm an abnormal Razz
Critics and readers make me flushed and all red whenever they tell me I wrote a nice story. I mean, it's like, writing is not my life but still, my writing touches lives.

2.)When did you start crafting stories?
-If you mean writing stories, I started with fan fictions when I was nine. They were written in script-type though. I posted them in a site. Hindi ko alam kung bakit ako napunta sa pagsusulat ng nobela..hahaha. When I was in third year, I wrote a 172 pages playwright. It was a love story. And someone actually volunteered to print it out and bind it into one for free. Then they told me to try writing novels Smile

3.)Who inspired you to write?
-My friends, primarily. Since most of them are quite fond of reading tagalog novels, they pushed me to write one, two and more. I didn't expect they'd like it though since I had no experience in writing such things. In my first try, I judged it a crap. But my friends liked it so I made two more that were clearer than the first one. And so Grow Old with You and Race Me to Your Heart were born.
4.)What do you do to beat writer's block?
-Writer's block? I thought that existed too. But since myriad of writers had told me it doesn't exist, I erased that from my vocabulary. If I'm not in the mood to write, I read, watch T.V, talk and talk, listen to songs and daydream. Somehow it works. Smile

5.)10 years from now, what do you see for yourself?
-Honestly? It's unpredictable. It's either I'd be a psychologist treating people or I'd be a writer writing for the people. Right now it's 50-50. I think wherever I am at that time would be the place where I'd belong forever.


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